cakeupton gym clothes

All the gear, no idea

My remedy to losing my fitness mojo is to spend hundred of pounds on gym clothes. I seem to think that having new things to wear will inspire me to get back to the gym, back on the treadmill, back in the pool or back on my bike. Three weeks ago, I started swimming again […]

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lost track

Day who-even-knows/76

So, surprise surprise, I got bored of 75/76 and forgot to stay up to date with what I was doing. I kept my tally looking pretty healthy for a long time, and haven’t stopped going to the gym completely, or started inhaling doughnuts or anything, but I’ve changed up my routines and diet lately, and […]

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walk to work

Day 17/76: 5km run

Okay, so today was pretty pathetic. I came home from work, had a little cry about how I’m still a hot mess after six months at the gym, and my boyfriend decided to totally revamp what I’m doing in order to get faster results so I’ll stop complaining all the bloody time. Instead of lifting […]

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gym at the weekend

Day 15/76: Chest & Core

Fridays at the gym (and sometimes weekends) are what we call “Fuckabout Club.” Fuckabout Club originated when I was at uni, when a group of my friends would congregate in the ‘black common room’ (the one with black sofas, not to be confused with the red common room which had, er, red sofas) and do […]

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runners need event

Day 12/76: HIIT, Chest, & Runners Need

Today was a long one. I knew I had an event after work which threatened to throw a gym visit out the window, so I got up early and did a HIIT session before my brain could catch up with what I was doing. My boyfriend has hockey training on a Wednesday, which is when […]

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dairy intolerance

Dairy allergy? Something else?

When I was younger, my Mum took herself, my brother, and I to see one of the most ludicrous men I’ve ever met in my life. We all went to see a nutritionalist by the name of Mr Galambos, who told us all we were allergic to all of our favourite foods, and should immediately […]

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millie mackintosh

Day 10/76: Legs (& a fight)

Last night my boyfriend had a hockey AGM which meant he was out all evening and I was left to my own devices. He thought I was going to the gym. I actually watched tv and ate biscuits. YAAAAS. Today, however, I regretted being a lazy little rat, and felt pretty terrible (health wise, I […]

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cycle and chest day

Day 8: 10km cycle and Chest session

What a glorious weekend it’s been! The sun has been shining, and my boyfriend and I have had one of the best weekends of the year, just hanging out, pottering around and staying active. Yesterday we went for a cycle around Clapham Common, which felt pretty leisurely but ended up being 6 miles long. We […]

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chest workout

Day 6/76: Chest session

I’m alive! Well, I went back to work today and sat alone in my office as two colleagues are off sick with the same things I have, and two are on a half day. It did mean I got to go home an hour early though, because one of the Directors felt sorry for me […]

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feeling ill

Day 5/76: Snotty session

Turns out trying to sweat out my illness on Tuesday came back to bite me in the arse. I’ve spent the last two days off work and on my deathbed, surrounded by piles of snotty tissues, empty water bottles and cookery programmes on BBC iPlayer. Determined not to mess up my thus-far winning streak, I […]

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good food

Day 3/76: HIIT circuit & back day

Today I was out of the office all day at an event, which meant I was on my feet for 8 hours grinning at people who barely knew I was there. Honestly, the greetings were more tiring than the standing around. I left the event earlier than I would normally leave the office, which gave […]

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clear eyes full hearts can't lose

75 workouts in 76 days

I’ve set myself a challenge. To complete 75 workouts in 76 days, and see if it makes any noticeable difference to my pudgy little frame. It was initially going to be 75 in 75, starting today, but because of my 10km yesterday I cheated a bit and gave myself a headstart. 75 days from now […]

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tomtom runner

So I ran my 10km..

A few months ago, I signed up fairly idiotically to run a 10km race, despite never having run that far before in my entire life. I don’t know how long the cross country course at my high school was, but probably nowhere near that far, and even then I would walk pretty much the entire […]

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A week with up

A week with UP

Recently, my boyfriend and I were out shopping when we spotted a few Jawbone UPs sitting alone on a shelf and decided to try them out. Turns out his had a faulty charging cable, so we took it straight back, but I decided to give mine a go for a while. For a long time […]

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shaksuka recipe

Ultimate post-gym feed

You guys, I’ve done it. I’ve discovered the ultimate post-gym meal. It goes a little somethin’ like this: [Recipe adapted from Nigella Lawson, and someone’s Turkish aunty I found online + my own tweaks] I was so dedicated to the cause when it came to nailing this recipe that I went out and bought a […]

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slow progress is better than no progress

Slow/no progress

‘Slow progress is better than no progress!’ – I’m pretty sure thats what they say. But slow progress is also a pain in the tits if it’s so slow that you might as well be staying the same. I joined a gym four months ago, and in that time have lost a stone. To some, […]

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taking time off

Taking time off from yourself

I get that this is hypocritical based on the fact that I just wrote about needing time to myself, and now I’m talking about taking time off from that. Out with friends the other night, the drunken chats turned towards the fact that girls are way too hard on themselves. My boyfriend is constantly telling […]

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intuitive eating

Intuitive eating

I’ve decided to give intuitive eating a go. Mostly because I’ve decided it means I can eat cake all the time and not feel guilty about it, which sounds like the world’s best diet to me. I know a lot of people who eat by the IIFYM mentality, which is (from what I can tell) […]

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me time

Needing ‘me-time’

Every once in a while, you just need to stop and stare. I don’t mean at nature, or a beautiful painting – or even a beautiful person. I mean literally stopping and just staring into space for a bit. Some of my friends use apps like Headspace, or timers on their laptops that force them […]

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hitting peak gym

Hitting ‘Peak Gym’

It pains me to admit it, but I think I’ve reached ‘peak gym.’ So much so that my boyfriend, my boss and various other colleagues and friends have pretty much begged me to take time away from it to regroup and stabilise myself before starting again. When my boyfriend dragged me to the gym one […]

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moving the goalposts

Moving the goalposts

It’s dangerously easy, when embarking on a new ‘regime’ to feel competitive; maybe with other people in the gym, maybe with the gym running next to you on the treadmill, maybe with your own numbers from last week. But the real problems begin when you start playing mind games with yourself, and start moving the […]

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pre and post gym snacks

Pre&Post gym snacks

I have a terrible habit of being starving as soon as I get home from work, and then later on I don’t want to eat once I’ve got back from the gym. Working out on an empty stomach isn’t great, and not eating after the gym wouldn’t be something I’d recommend, so here are a […]

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top tips for beating the blues

Top Tips for Beating the Blues

As springtime rolls around and the sun finally comes out, sometimes you just can’t help but get the blues. It sounds silly, because sunshine should equal happiness, but some days it means the opposite. Get Moving When you suffer from the blues, the last thing you want to do is go out and socialise. You […]

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binge drinking

Is not drinking the new binge drinking?

What was once the go-to Friday night plans for many – myself included – has been put on the back burner thanks to a recent heightened interest in all things wholesome and healthy. Now I wouldn’t say I was ever a binge drinker, every Friday night a group of friends and I would go out […]

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porridge oat pizza

3 ways with porridge (that aren’t porridge) – Pizza

I have a love-hate relationship with porridge. For a while, I think it’s the greatest thing on earth and stock up on huge boxes of it, and then I get freaked out by the idea of claggy beige carbs and wonder why I have 37 bags of oats in my cupboard. In a mission to […]

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too fat for skinny jeans

What if strong isn’t the new skinny?

When I first started this fitness journey, I felt pressured by well meaning friends, family and colleagues to have a ‘goal.’ Did I want to be able to lift a certain amount of weight? Did I want to run a sub-hour 10k? Did I want to have a thigh gap? Did I want to this, […]

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all fun and games

Irritating ‘fitspo’ mantras

I’ve written before about how much I abhor the phrase “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Largely because it’s utter bullshit. My second most hated fitspo mantra is “Don’t reward yourself with food; you’re not a dog.” Firstly. You don’t know me. Maybe I am a dog. Okay, I’m not, but that stupid phrase […]

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Back to the grind

After a disastrous weekend of eating and gym avoidance, I need to get my game face back on and get back to eating well, working out, and holding myself properly accountable for my slip ups. Except I’ve picked one of the busiest working weeks of my life to do it. Nice one.

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blueberry brownies

3 ways with porridge (that aren’t porridge) – blueberry brownies

Yes, the batter really is that purple. And no, theres #nofilter. I’ve been trying to use up the industrial amounts of instant porridge I have in the cupboards (damn you, 3-for-2 deals) by putting them into basically every recipe I make these days. I bake these brownies every Sunday and have a piece with my […]

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Nike outfit

The fitness fashion stakes

When I first started taking health and fitness seriously, I was very much guilty of ‘all the gear, no idea.’ And ohhhh, what mighty gear I had. I found myself unable to pass a sports shop without going in an spending half my salary on the jazziest, brightest, most exciting tops and leggings I could […]

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