My first: KOBOX

I first found out about Kobox on the Kings Road when lots of people I follow on instagram started to post pictures there, and having fallen further in love with boxing at 1Rebel, I knew it had to be next on my list of things to try!

Kobox have the best beginners package of any boutique I’ve been to in London so far – for £25 you get two classes and a set of branded hand wraps, and when a single class is £20 that’s pretty hard to beat!

I signed up to my first class by joining the waitlist of one happening that same evening, thinking there was no chance I’d get onto it but I managed it! It was an Upper Body class with Oliver Lee, which combines bag work and an upper body circuit (“wall work”) over the course of an hour in 4-5 minute bursts of wall-bag-wall-bag etc. Well, it was supposed to be an upper body class but Ollie was jetlagged from a trip to New York, got the day wrong, and taught us a lower body workout. I’d purposely avoided a leg workout because I had a step class the next day, but it all worked out in the end and I ended up being able to give my all to both.

Like Barry’s Bootcamp, 1Rebel and BOOMCycle, as soon as the class starts the lights go down, which really helped to get us all in the mood for a great workout. For half the class we partnered up and I was paired with the guy next to me for resistance band sprints, lunges and squats which broke the ice and made everyone work harder to avoid being the slacker!

I left the class OBSESSED with Kobox and immediately booked into more classes, and even roped a friend from work into coming with me and signing up once I’d got into the office the next morning. More classes also gives me more excuses to try all their post-workout shakes..!