cake upton rtfm

How cauliflower pizza taught me to RTFM

Having nailed cauliflower base pizza on my first attempt bcos I finally gave into the inevitable and followed a set of instructions to the letter, I learnt an important lesson about doing what I’m told. I mentioned in my recipe post that I spent what must have amounted to hours trying to find a recipe […]

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Being in love vs. being lazy

When trying to win brownie points, guys often say that they prefer a girl who wears no makeup, is comfortable in herself, doesn’t feel the need to dress up, and is all natural. The first time my boyfriend and I properly spoke to each other, I was off work sick, sitting on the sofa surrounded […]

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cakeupton gym clothes

All the gear, no idea

My remedy to losing my fitness mojo is to spend hundred of pounds on gym clothes. I seem to think that having new things to wear will inspire me to get back to the gym, back on the treadmill, back in the pool or back on my bike. Three weeks ago, I started swimming again […]

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