lost track

Day who-even-knows/76

So, surprise surprise, I got bored of 75/76 and forgot to stay up to date with what I was doing. I kept my tally looking pretty healthy for a long time, and haven’t stopped going to the gym completely, or started inhaling doughnuts or anything, but I’ve changed up my routines and diet lately, and […]

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walk to work

Day 17/76: 5km run

Okay, so today was pretty pathetic. I came home from work, had a little cry about how I’m still a hot mess after six months at the gym, and my boyfriend decided to totally revamp what I’m doing in order to get faster results so I’ll stop complaining all the bloody time. Instead of lifting […]

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gym at the weekend

Day 15/76: Chest & Core

Fridays at the gym (and sometimes weekends) are what we call “Fuckabout Club.” Fuckabout Club originated when I was at uni, when a group of my friends would congregate in the ‘black common room’ (the one with black sofas, not to be confused with the red common room which had, er, red sofas) and do […]

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runners need event

Day 12/76: HIIT, Chest, & Runners Need

Today was a long one. I knew I had an event after work which threatened to throw a gym visit out the window, so I got up early and did a HIIT session before my brain could catch up with what I was doing. My boyfriend has hockey training on a Wednesday, which is when […]

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dairy intolerance

Dairy allergy? Something else?

When I was younger, my Mum took herself, my brother, and I to see one of the most ludicrous men I’ve ever met in my life. We all went to see a nutritionalist by the name of Mr Galambos, who told us all we were allergic to all of our favourite foods, and should immediately […]

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