millie mackintosh

Day 10/76: Legs (& a fight)

Last night my boyfriend had a hockey AGM which meant he was out all evening and I was left to my own devices. He thought I was going to the gym. I actually watched tv and ate biscuits. YAAAAS. Today, however, I regretted being a lazy little rat, and felt pretty terrible (health wise, I […]

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cycle and chest day

Day 8: 10km cycle and Chest session

What a glorious weekend it’s been! The sun has been shining, and my boyfriend and I have had one of the best weekends of the year, just hanging out, pottering around and staying active. Yesterday we went for a cycle around Clapham Common, which felt pretty leisurely but ended up being 6 miles long. We […]

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chest workout

Day 6/76: Chest session

I’m alive! Well, I went back to work today and sat alone in my office as two colleagues are off sick with the same things I have, and two are on a half day. It did mean I got to go home an hour early though, because one of the Directors felt sorry for me […]

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feeling ill

Day 5/76: Snotty session

Turns out trying to sweat out my illness on Tuesday came back to bite me in the arse. I’ve spent the last two days off work and on my deathbed, surrounded by piles of snotty tissues, empty water bottles and cookery programmes on BBC iPlayer. Determined not to mess up my thus-far winning streak, I […]

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good food

Day 3/76: HIIT circuit & back day

Today I was out of the office all day at an event, which meant I was on my feet for 8 hours grinning at people who barely knew I was there. Honestly, the greetings were more tiring than the standing around. I left the event earlier than I would normally leave the office, which gave […]

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clear eyes full hearts can't lose

75 workouts in 76 days

I’ve set myself a challenge. To complete 75 workouts in 76 days, and see if it makes any noticeable difference to my pudgy little frame. It was initially going to be 75 in 75, starting today, but because of my 10km yesterday I cheated a bit and gave myself a headstart. 75 days from now […]

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tomtom runner

So I ran my 10km..

A few months ago, I signed up fairly idiotically to run a 10km race, despite never having run that far before in my entire life. I don’t know how long the cross country course at my high school was, but probably nowhere near that far, and even then I would walk pretty much the entire […]

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A week with up

A week with UP

Recently, my boyfriend and I were out shopping when we spotted a few Jawbone UPs sitting alone on a shelf and decided to try them out. Turns out his had a faulty charging cable, so we took it straight back, but I decided to give mine a go for a while. For a long time […]

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shaksuka recipe

Ultimate post-gym feed

You guys, I’ve done it. I’ve discovered the ultimate post-gym meal. It goes a little somethin’ like this: [Recipe adapted from Nigella Lawson, and someone’s Turkish aunty I found online + my own tweaks] I was so dedicated to the cause when it came to nailing this recipe that I went out and bought a […]

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