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Irritating ‘fitspo’ mantras

I’ve written before about how much I abhor the phrase “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Largely because it’s utter bullshit. My second most hated fitspo mantra is “Don’t reward yourself with food; you’re not a dog.” Firstly. You don’t know me. Maybe I am a dog. Okay, I’m not, but that stupid phrase […]

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Back to the grind

After a disastrous weekend of eating and gym avoidance, I need to get my game face back on and get back to eating well, working out, and holding myself properly accountable for my slip ups. Except I’ve picked one of the busiest working weeks of my life to do it. Nice one.

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blueberry brownies

3 ways with porridge (that aren’t porridge) – blueberry brownies

Yes, the batter really is that purple. And no, theres #nofilter. I’ve been trying to use up the industrial amounts of instant porridge I have in the cupboards (damn you, 3-for-2 deals) by putting them into basically every recipe I make these days. I bake these brownies every Sunday and have a piece with my […]

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Nike outfit

The fitness fashion stakes

When I first started taking health and fitness seriously, I was very much guilty of ‘all the gear, no idea.’ And ohhhh, what mighty gear I had. I found myself unable to pass a sports shop without going in an spending half my salary on the jazziest, brightest, most exciting tops and leggings I could […]

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apple sauce

Apple sauce: make or buy?

Last weekend I thought it might be fun to take out a second overdraft and do a shop at Wholefoods. I’m all for raw this and organic that and la-di-dah but sweet Jesus is it pricey. A lot of recipes I’ve been reading recently I’ve had to add to the ‘make later’ list because they […]

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Leg day, dread day

On Monday morning, I hit the gym before work for the first time ever and busted out a gruelling 45 minute leg workout that would mean I was burning extra calories all day long. Now, before I go any further, I should get it out there that I walk ALOT. I’m also training for a […]

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Some things taste way better than skinny feels

I’m stuck in a rut. Having gone home and eaten what I liked whilst doing barely any exercise, I came home to London and basically continued along the same thread. I’ve got no motivation to hit the gym, which is in turn giving me no impetus to eat healthily, so it’s all gone a bit […]

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Brunette or Bust

For as long as I’ve had complete control over the way I look, I’ve been trying to go blonde. When I was 15, a friend and I bleached my hair using dye from a box four times over the course of a weekend, and when my mum got home from her business trip, all sorts […]

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Lunchbox wanker

I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m a lunchbox wanker. In our five floor, 60+ person office, we have two microwaves, which means there is always an impressive (but infuriating) queue to heat up food at lunchtime. This inevitably turns into a mass gathering of amateur food critics, all bustling to find out […]

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gym hair growth

What’s going on hair then?

When I joined the gym, I expected my body to change and mould into something new, the longer and harder I worked out. What I hadn’t anticipated though, was the effect it would have on my hair. Hitting the gym every night after work means that I’m washing my hair every day – something I […]

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strawberry protein cookies

3 ways with porridge (that aren’t porridge) – Protein cookies

In my never-ending quest to figure out which carbs are good and which are bad, I’m forever toying with porridge. These may not be the prettiest biscuits in the world, but they’re tasty and full of protein, so I’ll take that over looks any day.. Strawberry Protein Cookies I actually found this recipe here, but […]

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A short(s) story

Just got back from the gym, where I wore shorts in public for the first time in forever. I’m happy to report that no one was visibly shaken by it, and I wasn’t barred from the gym for life, so I’m counting that as a success. It was quite scary though.

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Being good enough - emma bridgwater

When did ‘good enough’ stop being good enough?

I was watching the Master’s coverage with my boyfriend on sunday night, and Rory McIlroy was currently ‘Even’ on the scoreboard. I know very little about golf, but I’m fairly sure that means that if a round has a par of X, he had so far completed it in X shots. Which you’d think was […]

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Mastering the monkey bars

Mastering the Monkey-Bars

I only had one New Year’s Resolution this year – learn to do the monkey bars. As far as goals go, it was not only very specific, but also a bit bizarre, but it’s something I’ve wanted to be able to do for a long while, and this year is hopefully when I’ll conquer them […]

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What's the point of working out

What’s the point of working out?

“Ugh, what’s the point?!” is something I (a little too regularly, I’ll admit) shout at my boyfriend when I’m in a strop about not losing weight. Unlike him, I’m a slave to the scales, and if they haven’t moved – or have gone up! – my day is ruined. Unlike me, he is logical about […]

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Accidental carb loading

Accidental carb-loading (and why it’s great)

Last week I spent some time with my family, which meant taking a break from daily gym sessions with my boyfriend, and from logging every calorie in MFP (a lack of decent wifi range at my parents’ house in the country meant I could barely access the app..). It also meant taking a break from […]

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