75 workouts in 76 days

I’ve set myself a challenge. To complete 75 workouts in 76 days, and see if it makes any noticeable difference to my pudgy little frame.

It was initially going to be 75 in 75, starting today, but because of my 10km yesterday I cheated a bit and gave myself a headstart. 75 days from now is Saturday 5th September, which seemed a decent date to call it a day – plus it means I can schedule the cheat meal to end all cheat meals to take place in West London after my boyfriend has played hockey. Faanoos, I’m lookin’ atchu.

I’m a fairly impatient person, so setting myself the strict goal of 76 days felt much more manageable than, say, 3 months, but longer than 6 weeks, which didn’t feel enough time to really make a dent in my chub.

So, here’s how it works:

75 workouts to be completed in 76 days. Rest days have to be accrued in advance, and can’t be taken if they throw off the numbers. For example, if I’ve done 10 workouts in 9 days, I can take day 10 off because it leaves me square at 10 in 10. I can’t take day 10 off it that leaves me at 10 in 11.

The minimum that counts as a workout, is 50 reps of 3 difference exercises. For example, pressups, situps, squats, weighted lunges, burpees etc.

For two or more workouts to count on the same day, they have to be distinctly different. For example, a cycle in the afternoon, and then a gym session in the evening. A weights session that involves a treadmill warm up still only counts as one workout, because they are part of the same gym visit.

Going for a leisurely walk, or walking to or from work doesn’t count as a workout. They have to be purposeful and fully intended. Walks count as necessity or enjoyment.

No feeling guilty about cheat days. If I’m knackered, I’m knackered.