All the gear, no idea

My remedy to losing my fitness mojo is to spend hundred of pounds on gym clothes. I seem to think that having new things to wear will inspire me to get back to the gym, back on the treadmill, back in the pool or back on my bike.

Three weeks ago, I started swimming again after about four years off. I know have five swimming costumes. Noone needs that many. I have more sports bras than there are days of the week. I could wear a different outfit for running every day for two weeks without having to wash a single piece of kit.

It’s all hypothetical, of course, because sometimes I just really can’t be arsed to get out there and exercise. And it makes me feel super guilty to get home from work, see my gym clothes on the laundry rack, or all neat on the side ready to be put on, and then┬ájust walk past them, or put them away in a drawer and move away, pretending I didn’t see them or realise I was supposed to put them on and do something bendy or speedy or strong with my body.

This weekend I spent serious dollar on gym clothes I probably didn’t need, with the express purpose of guilt tripping myself into getting excited about exercising. Only time will tell whether or not it was a worthwhile investment..