Tiffany vs Burpees

I wear the same three pieces of jewellery every single day – with only my earrings changing depending on my mood, outfit, or how easy it is for my boyfriend to play with them (seriously though, if you don’t get your significant other to mess about with your ears whilst you curl up and watch tv together than you are MISSING OUT).

The necklace, bracelet and ring I always wear are gifts from my boyfriend – two for birthdays and one for valentines – and have extra romantic significance bcos two were made by a close friend of ours, so I refuse to ever take them off. With the exception of a netball game every tuesday night for two seasons, the necklace hasn’t left my body for a year and a half – until now.

Now that I’m back at the gym, I find myself doing a gross amount of burpees every monday and thursday, which are even less fun when theres a silver pendant smashing you in the teeth every time you jump down. I begrudingly now have to take it off each time, which stresses me out bcos I feel weird without it, and I’m always terrified I’ll leave it behind and lose it forever. Having said that, I once left a ring that my mum bought me one christmas that I’d worn every day for seven years straight attached to my locker key having had to take it off to lift dumbbells and someone found it, handed it in and it was kept in the gym safe overnight until I could collect it in the morning – so that does make me feel a bit better about the outcome if I ever was careless again.

Anyway, having been very generously given my first piece of Tiffany jewellery this Valentines Day, that baby isn’t coming off for anything. Which means that it unfortunately already looks far older than it is bcos it smacks down on a gym floor hundreds of times a week during hours of circuits, boxing, yoga and weights classes.

But rather than being upset about it, I quite like how beaten up it is, and how it reflects what I’ve been putting my hands through every day to get fit. I’m sure other girls with Tiffany rings take much better care of them and their boyfriends are happy about it, but I’m lucky enough that mine likes the way all the jewellery he’s bought me is scuffed and scratched and beaten about, bcos it shows that I wear it all every day, for every activity, and they’ve become a part of who I am and what I do.

All the dings and dents and busted up bits make them mine – plus, I’m not sure anyone would even want to falsely claim them if I left them behind in the state they’re in!