My first: 1Rebel [with Be:Fit London]

Another class I got to try with my girl friends from Be:FIT was Rumble at 1Rebel, a boxing and HIIT class at their studio at Broadgate Circle.

I’ve always liked the idea of getting into boxing, and have done a few classes here and there over the years, including one where literally everybody except my boyfriend and I dropped out ahead of time and we had the teacher to ourselves..!

I go to a boxfit class every sunday, but it is all pad work and there are no bags and no footwork techniques involved, so getting down and dirty at 1Rebel with punchbags and proper stances was refreshing.

The Rumble room is laid out with bags hanging from the ceiling in concentric circles, with the trainer in the middle of the studio, which means that no matter where you’re stationed you can see what’s going on and never feel like you’re stuck at the back or getting lost.

Esmee Gummer led our session, and after getting kitted up in our free wraps and gloves, she had us practicing punching techniques, doing burpees, pressups, mountain climbers and kicks until we were all just about ready to collapse.

The class we went to was a special one-off held at 8pm, so whilst we had the entire place to ourselves, it meant the showers and smoothie bar were closed so we didn’t get to sample the entire 1Rebel experience, but what we did get on hands on was definitely enough to encourage us to head back as soon as we could!