An avo toast alternative

Try as I may, I just can’t get on board with avocado. I understand the health benefits, and the hipster appeal of it, but the texture makes me want to cry so it’s just not happening.

But what’s a girl to eat for brunch if it can’t be avo toast? I think I’ve come up with something just as tasty:

Smashed lemon peas

The ideal base for this is a crusty sourdough, but if it’s a thursday night and you can’t find one, a ciabatta or panini roll will more than suffice. Pop it under the grill – or in your toaster if it’s big enough – to heat through and add a bit of crunch to the final dish.

Whilst you do that, boil up some frozen peas for slightly longer than you think you need to, as squashy peas are the key to the final texture. How many peas you need is largely guesswork, so go by eye and what your rumbling tummy tells you is enough.

lemon peas cake upton

Once cooked, drain your peas and chuck in a few thin slices of lemon to warm slightly and add a freshness to your peas. Take out the lemon and mash up your peas with a masher or a fork, a throw in some chopped fresh mint if you have some lying around because you’re a real grown up.

Smear a bit of green pesto on your toast and spoon on your peas as quick as possible so they stay warm and delicious. Sprinkle over some chilli flakes and some parmesan if you have some on hand, as well as another quick squeeze of lemon and then scoff it as quickly and undignifiedly as you can. Bonus points if you get peas everywhere.